About me

Hi all! My name is Nikita Shamaev and I'm Python 🐍 backend developer.

I graduated from 🇷🇺 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT, Phystech) in 2020, Department of Control and Applied Mathematics (DCAM).

I really adore Telegram bots for its functionality and ability to reproduce almost whole mobile app. That's why some of my projects are connected with them.

I started as a python (Django) backend developer in Postmarket.me (e-commerce store in Telegram bot, $2k MRR on referrals). After that, with assistance of tennis coach I developed tennis bot 🎾 to automize tasks of the coach. Now, almost 100 players use it every day. Then I worked as a data mart developer in GlowByte Consulting, developed data mart for SberBank 🏦 (TOP-1 bank in Russia).

Afterwards, there was some small projects:

  • Alan 🤖 - Automated Telegram account that pretends like a real human, participates in public chats, and generates answers using GPT3.
  • SixhandsBot - find path between two users in Instagram.
  • Django-telegram-bot - django production-ready template for fast start with telegram bots.

Developed back-end for Ecochia.io - mining pool for 4k Chia blockchain farmers 👨‍🌾. Developing backend for WeBill.io 💸 - NFT bridge, allows you to pay for NFT in any networks.

Check my GitHub, contact me in Telegram.